Argassi, Zakynthos September 13th-20th 2021

Not all of the pictures are as good as I had hoped. I bought a pocket camera but it didn't quite meet my expectations.

Sunrise on board the plane on my way to a writing holiday in Zakynthos. Today's office with a view.
The room was very nice. The view from the balcony was so-so. But... I had a king size bed to myself.
At the hotel there was a nice beach. Tsivouli Park, it was lovely to see Gillian again.

Gillian was presented with a copy of my book "Kuffertmysteriet p√• Skildpadde√łen" We talked about the Covid, the influence on our countries, and chatted about life in general.
The emu was curious and couldn't wait to be photographed.
The view at Keri Lighthouse. When I was there in 2018 the area was closed to the public. Now it was open again.
You had to pass by the cantina to get in and weren't let in till you had bought something to drink or eat.
The best spot to view the Turtle Island is Keri Beach.
Several beaches claimed to be cigarette butt and single use plastic free.
The beach at Kalamaki with protected nests.
I never found out if it was a real wedding or a publicity stunt.

There was not much shading the sun so I had to improvise. The office after 5pm.
Favourite lunch = Gyros Pita Favourite starter = Tzatziki, which I had in many different variations. The best I had was at the Mikri Dafni. Gavros - marinated fried sardines. Delicious.

Monica was the uncrowned queen of the Jungle Bar. She remembered her customers and made people talk to each other. Alex - the owner - a young man of 78 resided behind the bar with humor and anecdotes. Turtle Rescue Center at Gerakas Beach.

This time I met the founder Yannis. I was allowed to display my book at the TRC. In the book I wrote, that I will donate 25 DKK to the TRC if people who had seen the book there contact me to buy it. The Turtle Rescue Center is fighting to save turtles and was also a sort of hospital or asylum for them. They also try to influence the politicitans to do more for the turtles. Ie to make sure the beaches are still good for the turtles to nest on.
The beaches are shrinking and that makes the conditions difficult for the turtles. A way of changing that is to put more sand on the beaches.
Gerakas Beach.

Yet another sign of Greek humor.... or is it just me? The sign says that women are not allowed to throw paper in the toilet... though the sign is in the men's room. Kittens at Dafni Beach.
"Garlic bread" I asked for - and garlic bread I got.
Bochalis is situated above Zakynthos town and has a magnificent view. The waitress and some guests tried to tell a kitten that it was not supposed to sit and watch the guests eat .... but in vain.
I decided to see the ship wreck at Navagio Beach from above this time. It took half an hour in the line to get to the platform where you could photograph.
It was quite a wait in the midday sun but the view was really worth it.
Billie the naughty Cat lived at Flocas across the street from my hotel along with Tania, Billy and Andreas. I met a real nice couple from Hull - Angie and Charlie - and two great scottish ladies - Maureen and Cathrine. We had a great time together. I was even invited to Charlie's birthday party - he turned 75. We dined at Chaplin and continued to Flocas ...
... and ended up on Maureen og Cathrine's balcony. My rental car was an Atos.... not exactly new but it drove alright.
Kalimaki beach.
Some of the cliffs look like they might fall down in a couple of years. Nest count of the day.
Zakantha Beach Hotel - a fine hotel on the main road.
Sunday evening we had a farewell dinner at Ethnic. And finished the night at Artemis bar.

Storm over the mountains as we were going home. The captain made us aware of the plane next to ours. There was also a plane flying in the opposite direction. They passed each other in a snap at 1700 km pr hour. And thus ended a fantastic writing holiday in Zakynthos .... and yes ... I did get to write a lot.