Argassi, Zakynthos September 26th - October 1st 2022

The view from my room. The view Tuesday morning. Rain, thunder and lots of wind. This little cat was a faithful guest at my breakfast table.
My favourite lunch: Gyros Pita. I was on a "writing holiday". And what an office. Still there was time to have a Mythos by the pool.
The hotel was called Iliessa Beach Hotel, with 0 meters to the beach. Really nice with a gateway to the water. But where was the beach?
There HAS been a beach once. The water around Zakynhtos is rising as the owner of Turtle Rescue Center told me last year. The water is rising and cover the beaches where the turtles used to lay their eggs. Dinner: Sea Bream. Yummy!
Last year I met some lovely brits who were there this year also: Maureen, Angie, Charlie og Cathrine. They were a very important part of my "holiday". Of course I went to Turtle Rescue Center. It is sad to see that the number of nests decrease each year. In Gerakas Beach there were no nests left this time of the year but the water was great.
I rented a car for four days. I didn't drive around as much this year but it's nice to get out and about. Pit stop with a Frarppe at Porto Azurro. I tried to get into a school again this year. Unsuccessful again.
I spoke with a teacher who would love to show me the school but she wasn't allowed by the headmaster. The big yellow sign with the Emu drawing was gone. In stead there was this white sign. Wonder if they still have Emus? Keri Beach with the turtle island Marathonisi in the background.
Keri Beach is a cozy little town with a nice beach. The car I rented was "open air". My room was number two from the left on the top floor in the middle of the picture.
For some reason it's popular to take pictures of your legs. I wonder why. Charlie on his way out of Jungle Bar. The hotel had a book shelf where I put a copy of my book about turtles and Zakynthos. Several people took a look at it and commented to me while I ws writing. Great!
Pit stop with Frappe in Agios Nikolaos. The landscape just outside of Agios Nikolaos. Xigia Beach - a small pearl but difficult to get down there.
One side of the beach is bordered by rocks. The water is clear but smells of sulphur from the thermal springs. The beach is situated between the rocks and the sun disappeared quite early.
Since I was here last they have put up a parking lot a bit down the road. A short drive from Xigia was a gravel pit. The white dust from the pit was carried by the wind and coloured the trees. Cathrine on her way through town.
Porto Zorro - a lovely beach with a church in the background. The sun was shining but it was very windy. There was a pontoon brigde in the water.
The waves made it move and it wasn't easy to walk on. I got to the end without falling in the water. A single jetski defied the waves.
Most evening I had dinner with the brits but Friday I want to Bochalis with an amazing view over Zakynthos town. They served a delicious Giulbassi - various meat from the grill with cheese sauce. I met up with the brits at their dining place and Angie fed me with grapes.
A great picture of the 5 of us: Charlie, Angie, me, Carhrine og Maureen. Charlie took this picture of me at Flocas before we said Goodbye. They were going home the next day. My last evening ended at Flocas of course along with Monica, Maureen and Cathrine.
The whole bunch at Flocas - Cathrine, Maureen, Monica, Tania, Billy, Andreas, Kostas ... - waved Goodbye as I went home the last evening. The plane wasn't till 10 pm so there was time for one final Gyros Pita. I didn't reach to take the picture before it was eaten. Maureen and Cathrine came to see me off and gave me a goodbye present: a heart shaped glass with the text: I love Zakynthos. Lone thought it could be used as a vase for the last flowers from our garden, too.
Now someone might be thinking:
did he get to write anything down there at all?
Yes I did.
Every day.
About 4 hours from 9.30 till 1.30. Plus the odd half hour now and then.