Argassi, Zakynthos 11/9 - 18/9 2023

When I got to Argassi I went to Mikri Dafni to get a Gyros Pita.
I was there a couple of times last year and the owner  actually recognised me.
My flight was at 7.30 monday morning.
Sunday evening at 9.50 my travel agency called and told me that there had been an accident with the plane I was supposed to be on and wanted to rebook me to another airport.
I refused because it would mean that I was going to miss almost a full day in Zante.
I stayed at the same hotel as last year: Iliessa Beach. This time I had a room on the ground floor with a pool view.

My room is in the middle of the picture.
The first couple of days my office was at the hotel pool.
Lamb Kleftiko at Apollo taverna.... yummy.
Close to the hotel was the pub Legends. There was live music every night at 10.
Tuesday night it was a Debbie Harry look-a-like. She sang Blondie songs quite well.
I went to Tsivouli Park to visit Gillian and hear how things were.
Gillian had retired and her son Pierce and daughter in law Laura ran the place.
Because og the Covid19 they had been forced to close the park to the public and cut down on the animals. Now there were only 8 emus left for the guests to enjoy.
Wednesday I rented a car so I could get around a little.
The office was relocated to Keri Beach with the view of the real Turtle Island: Marathonisi.
The Whitney Houston sound-a-like of the night. She didn't look much like the the real (skinny) Whitney.
Thurday the office was in Kaminia Beach.
I arrived before they opened but the waiter served me a coke anyway.
It was quite fun to see how the beach got more and more crowded while I was writing.
Then I went to the Turtle Rescue Center.
It looks like there are more turtle nests than last year. Let's hope it will continue that way.
Gerakas Beach is one of the best beaches on the island. The water is shallow and nice.
Behind the water front you can see the turtle nests.
I usually eat octopus when in Greece. Here I am at the Granada taverna. It tasted fantastic.

When I asked for the bill I was served some fruit and a small drink.
It tasted a lot of cinnamon.
I asked the waiter what it was and he asked me where I was from. I said Denmark and he laughed when he said: It is what you drink at christmas. In other words it was Mulled Wine.
Kylie Minogue look-a-like.
The morning office at Bochali.
There is an amazing view of Zakynthos town.
Lunch was at Xigia Beach while I was writing.
I was quite productive that day so I continued at the pool.
Elton John.... he sounded a little like Elton on speed and I didn't like the way he was frasing so I left when he started singing "Your song".

I went to Flocas (as I had done some of the other days too) and had a good time with Tania, Billy and Andreas.

Cathy, Maureen, Angie og Charlie whom I had spent a lot of time with last year couldn't come this year.
I missed them a lot, but I met quite a few others I could talk to thanks to Monica in Jungle Bar.
Porto Roma is also a very nice office with a great view.
Iliessa Beach hotel, my home in week 37.
The last night I dined at Mikri Dafni. I had a fantastic dish of lamb chops with their own sauce. Delicious.
Mikri Dafni is a small family taverna where Mother is serving along with the son and daughter,while Father is in the kitchen.
When I payed and we said : See you next year! they gave me a little present: a bottle of ouzo.... and a big hug.
I went to the beach view and took this picture of the scenery of Zakynthos town.
At Legends it was Abba time. The two girls did pretty good, but I heard a Abba revival band in Silkeborg this summer who did better.
Legends was packed every night. Some even stood outside. A lot of the guests were regulars.
Breakfast the last morning.
The suitcase was packed and ready for the trip home.

Being on a holiday is hard work. There was not a lot of conversation on the way home.
I haven't had a lot of time to write since I was in Sharm el-Sheik, so part of the time I went through the things I had writen to correct and add but I also wrote a lot of new stuff. Monica in Jungle Bar asked me every night:
"How many have you killed today?"